If you like to just get out and do it on your vacation, we have the trips for you.


What do you want to do?

Mountain bike a volcano?  Kayak bioluminescent bays?   Hike through jungles in search of jaguars?   How about floating on an inner-tube down an underground river or exploring caves filled with stalagtites?

Maybe you dream of standing in the center of an ancient civilizations. or ziplining over trees filled witht howler monkeys? How about a snorkel trip to open ocean reefs? Do you want to learn native dances? Hike a glacier? We know where to go and how to get you there.

Whether it’s the jungles of Belize or the pyramids of Egypt, a photo safari in Africa or a jungle cruise up the Amazon River, penguins in the Galapagos Islands or an ice hotel in Iceland, adventure is waiting for you.



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