MYTH #1 – If I use a travel agent, I will have to pay them.

REALITYYou pay NOTHING extra to use a travel agent. All commissions we make are paid by the travel supplier – the resort, the hotel or the vacation provider.


MYTH #2 – My trip will be more expensive if I use a travel agent.

REALITY – We have access to hundreds of sources that provide travel packages and we know where the deals are to save you money. We will also advise you when to travel to take advantage of the best rates.


MYTH #3 – My vacation will be cheaper through an internet travel site.

REALITY – Atlantis World Travel has access to all the same sources as the internet travel sites, plus more. We check and double check to ensure that your trip is the best value.


MYTH #4 – I can do it myself, I really don’t need help.

REALITY – There is a lot of great information on the Internet, but the biggest problem is that there is too much of it and, of course, a lot of it is biased. It’s hard to process it all and to determine what’s true or not. 

We are your advocate and we can decipher the mass of information and stand behind what we advise. The reality is there’s no way for someone to look at something on the Internet and really know if it’s the right place for them. (Well said, Martha Gaughen, VP – Brownwell Travel)

Plus, you don’t want to miss our helpful tips and advice on what to do once you get there!


MYTH #5 – It will all be fine.

REALITY – Maybe you enjoy living on the edge and don’t mind surprises, but a vacation where you have invested your hard earned money is not the place to gamble. So, get what you pay for and get what you expect. It’s your vacation, after all.


 Atlantis World Travel – specializing in trips that fit your lifestyle, your tastes, your interests and your budget. Now, that’s a trip that fits!

Emerald Pool and Waterfall – Exploring the Beautiful Island of Dominica



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