Ahhhh… life on a cruise ship. 

Cruise choices are more numerous and varied than ever from mega-ships to small sailing yachts, from the tropics to Antarctica.  There are so many ships and destinations that it can be confusing. Cruises offer something for everyone – let us help you sort it all out and make sure your cruise fits you.

Cruises offer superb value! Cruises generally provide your stateroom, all you can eat gourmet dining, world class service including a stateroom valet and in-room food service, top notch entertainment and activities for every age and interest – all while sailing past beautiful vistas to exotic, picturesque ports of call. And the cost per night can be less than what you would pay for an average stay in a nice hotel.

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Make that anniversary or special birthday a memorable occasion. Plan a family reunion that everyone will remember. And don’t forget that romantic honeymoon.

For prices starting at less than $100 per person, per day, you can live in luxury, visit exotic and interesting places, receive 5-star gourmet food and enjoy an active vacation or just relax and recharge.

 TAKE A MINI-VACATION – 4 day cruises for just a few hundred dollars are a great way to get away. Celebrate your special event at sea – birthday, anniversary or even a family reunion – for less than the cost of an average hotel room.

HAVE A SAILING ADVENTURE      If you had your own chartered yacht and could sail anywhere you wanted, where would you go? Take off and sail the high seas aboard a tall masted sailing ship. Visit the same exotic ports as infamous pirates, follow the Mediterranean trade routes of ancient Greece or explore the wonders of Asia, all while experiencing the thrill of passagemaking under full sail.

No matter how you choose to cruise, Bon voyage!

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